Does participation cost anything?

No. The costs of all our events are covered by our sponsors. Since we also offer lunch and refund the ticket costs for travel to and from all our full-day events, participation is completely free.


When do I have to register?

No registration is necessary for the first round. As soon as the first round starts, you can participate here. All important dates can be found in our agenda.


Am I too young to participate?

Technically, there is no minimal age requirement to participate. Nevertheless, participants yonger than 14 can find the Olympiad difficult due to them not having seen the basic prerequisite mathematical concepts at school. We therefore recommend participants be in at least the 9th year of their formal education.


What is the best way to prepare myself?

For the first round, it is best to look at old tasks and focus on the topics you still have difficulties with. For the second round, we strongly recommend that you attend our preparation meetings. Otherwise, you can of course read the scripts again and solve old exams.


Are the preparatory meetings obligatory?

In principle not. All events of the Mathematical Olympiad are voluntary and by registering you do not commit yourself to anything. However, the preparatory meetings are a perfect opportunity to meet new friends and prepare for the exam together. 


What can I win?

If you qualify for the final round, you will be invited to the camp, where we will spend a week together studying mathematics, playing games in the evenings and getting to know others. With a national medal you will also qualify for the selection round in which you can win a participation at international mathematics competitions. The experiences and new acquaintances you will make at the Mathematical Olympiad are definitely worth participating.


Certain dates are during school. Is that a problem?

All first and second round events take place on Saturdays. If you qualify for the final round, it may well be that the meetings and the camp will take place during your school time. However, this is usually not a problem and you should get exempted from class by your school on request. If there are any problems in this regard, please let us know and we will be happy to assist you.


What happens if I am unable to attend or am ill the day of the exam?

If you qualify for the final and there are scheduling problems, we are able to make certain exceptions.