The Mathematical Olympiad at school

The Mathematical Olympiad offers students the unique opportunity to share their enthusiasm for mathematics with young people from all over Switzerland. They have the chance to qualify for further rounds and to deepen their knowledge and skills at workshops and in camps. The twelve best are invited to represent Switzerland at the International Mathematical Olympiad and the Central European Mathematical Olympiad, and the four best female participants form the Swiss team for the European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad. To participate, students need little prior mathematical knowledge. An interest in logical puzzles and a certain flair for mathematical questions are the only things they need.

The First Round

The First Round ( of the Olympiad takes place from 1 to 30 September 2023, consisting of a 75-minute test that can easily be integrated into a double lesson. There are two categories: Junior Level for grades 6 to 9 and Senior Level for grades 10 to 13. The best students from both categories qualify for the Second Round. Students can take the exam either individually on our website or with the whole class. We take care of the correction, evaluation and subsequent contact with the participants. The effort for the school and teachers thus remains minimal.

Implementation of the Contest

Individual participation of individual pupils

Inform talented students about the competition. They can register independently on our website and take the exam online.


Online participation with the whole class or smaller groups

You will be able to receive a personalised link for your students from the end of August on this website. With this link, the class solves the test online, either in class or as homework.


Participation with the whole class or smaller groups on paper

If preferred, you can also complete the test with your class on paper. You can download and print the test here with your personal activation code. If you have not received an activation code, please contact us. Please send the tests by 1 October 2022 at the latest either by scan to math(at) or by post to the following address:


Mathematical Olympiad

University of Bern

Hochschulstrasse 6

3012 Bern



If the exam is held at school, it should take place in a supervised, exam-appropriate environment. Students do not all have to write the exams at the same time and any aids (calculators, notes, internet, etc) are allowed. However, it is essential that all students complete the tasks on their own.



Participants will receive their results at the beginning of October. If the competition was conducted in class, you will also receive all the results of your students by e-mail.

The Second Round

The best students qualify for the second round. From here on, we contact the participants directly and teachers have no further obligations. The short tasks of the First Round are very different from the longer tasks of the other rounds of the Mathematical Olympiad. Therefore, we want to give talented and motivated students the chance to participate online in the Second Round if they did not qualify directly. If a teacher agrees to supervise and correct the examinations of the students in question, they can participate in the preparation meetings online and take the Second Round examination. You will receive more information about this after the end of the first round.

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