The Mathematical Olympiad at School

The first round of the Mathematical Olympiad takes place online. All participants have the entire month of September to register individually on our homepage and complete the 35 tasks of the first round within 75 minutes. This format is ideal for school classes to take part in the competition together during a double lesson. You can find more information about the structure of the exam and how it continues for the best students here. Our competition is a playful change from regular school lessons and is therefore the perfect opportunity for all pupils to have fun with mathematics again after the summer holidays.

Implementation of the Competition

The exam should take place in a supervised, exam-compliant environment. All participants will need a computer and from September 1, they can enter their contact details on this page and start the exam. Participants do not have to write the exams all at the same time, but it is essential that all participants complete the tasks alone. On request, a PDF version of the exam is also available for printing, which the students can solve analogously.


The correction, evaluation and the subsequent contact with the participants is completely taken care of by us. The effort for the school and teachers therfore remains minimal. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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