Mathematical Olympiad

The Mathematical Olympiad is a mathematics competition in which young people from all over Switzerland who are enthusiastic about mathematics can exchange ideas and compete against each other. The competition consists of several rounds as well as numerous preparatory meetings and a week-long camp for the finalists. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm for mathematics with young people, to support them intellectually and for them to gain valuable professional and social experience together with their peers. You can read more about the Olympiad here.

First Round Results

The first round took place during the month of September and is now finished. In total 1692 participants took the test, 1115 in the senior category and 577 in the junior category. Congratulations to all of them for their efforts.


Among all the participants, 265 have qualified for the meetings and the second round which will take place during the next three months. Congratulations to Emil Spiess, Jakob Ehlers and Chenhe Fan who ranked highest in the junior category with 454, 396 and 377 points, and to Marco Vaccaro, Aanya Goyal and Mark Neumann who obtained the best scores in the senior category with 446, 412 and 405 points.



First round: join us

The first round of the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad has started. You can participate online throughout the month of September or ask your math teacher to participate in class. Sign up and participate here. You can find more information on this website. Good luck!


A successful IMO 2022 in Oslo

After the previous two International Mathematical Olympiads (IMO) were held virtually, this year's IMO took place as an in person event in Oslo in July. Switzerland was represented by our very successful team, consisting of Bora Olmez, Elia Steinfeld, Felix Xu, Mathys Douma, Ricardo Olivo und Yanta Wang. Bora, Mathys, Ricardo and Yanta secured four Bronze medals, and Elia and Felix completed an excellent team result with two honourable mentions! 


FLTR: Felix, Bora, Mathys, Yanta, Ricardo, Elia

Further congratulations to Tobias Marxer, who formed the Liechtenstein team and was also awarded with an honorable mention!  




The Final Round is over!

The 25 Swiss finalists and the two participants from Liechtenstein spent an exciting week in Aarburg, filled with plenty of cool mathematical problems, but also many rounds of our favourite game Tichu and other games and sports.



At the end of the week, the 27 students demonstrated their skills during two four-hour exams. Congratulations to all 12 medalists, and especially to Mathys Douma, who scored 43 points and emerged as the winner of this year’s Final round!



Our twelve medalists and the three Wildcard recipients now move on to the team selection for this year’s International and Middle European Mathematical Olympiads. Furthermore, Emily Dikhoff, Evelyn Ebneter, Moyang Zhang and Yanta Wang will represent Switzerland at this year’s European Girl’s Mathematical Olympiad in Hungary in April.


And finally, a big round of applause to all the participants for your great efforts and results!

Second round 2022: Results


The second round exam that took place on Saturday 18th of December has been corrected and evaluated. Bora Olmez, Louis Renner, Mathys Douma and Tejas Krishnan have achieved the highest possible score of 42 points, congratulations! In order to place among the best 19, 32 points were necessary. The following participants qualified for the final round:

Yaël ArnMohamed BouchouataEmily DikhoffMathys DoumaEvelyn EbneterNathan Hintermann
Tan HongChengjie HuAnna KokorichTejas KrishnanLena LibortVictor Liu
Leonardo MaranonMichal NieborekRicardo OlivoBora OlmezJonah OsterwalderRuhi Pungaliya
Louis RennerJerry SchuppElia SteinfeldYanta WangEric WermelingerFelix Xu
Moyang ZhangOrlando Zhang    

The Second Round is Over

The Second Round of the Mathematical Olympiad took place on Saturday the 18th of December. The 151 participants spent 3 hours solving problems from number theory, combinatorics and geometry. The point distribution of the exam:




The First Round is Over

The First Round took place throughout September and is now closed. Illustrated below are the point distributions for both categories.

Left: Junior Level, 424 participants, 67 qualified directly, 20 wildacrds


Right: Senior Level, 911 participants, 131 qualified directly, 28 wildcards


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