Mathematical Olympiad

The Mathematical Olympiad is a mathematics competition in which young people from all over Switzerland who are enthusiastic about mathematics can exchange ideas and compete against each other. The competition consists of several rounds as well as numerous preparatory meetings and a week-long camp for the finalists. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm for mathematics with young people, to support them intellectually and for them to gain valuable professional and social experience together with peers. You can read more about the Olympiad here.


The second round of the olympiad is now behind us. Of our over 100 participants, these are the 28 people that have qualified for the final round:


 Aisha Azhgaliyeva

 Felix Xu

 Moyang Zhang

 Anastasia Sandamirskaya

 Ingrid Lundgren

 Noah Talarico

 Bora Olmez

 Joel Huber

 Orlando Zhang

 Daniel Barta

 Johann Williams

 Philipp Junghans

 Elia Steinfeld

 Jonah Osterwalder

 Ricardo Olivo

 Ema Skottova

 Jonas Menzi

 Richard Salnikov

 Emily Dikhoff

 Leonardo Maranon

 Tan Hong

 Eric Wermelinger

 Mathys Douma

 Tejas Krishnan

 Evelyn Ebneter

 Mohamed Bouchouata

 Yanta Wang

 Fadri Lardon




Congratulations to all of you!


The exam, solutions as well as the marking scheme will shortly be available on our website.

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