Mathematical Olympiad

The Mathematical Olympiad is a mathematics competition in which young people from all over Switzerland who are enthusiastic about mathematics can exchange ideas and compete against each other. The competition consists of several rounds as well as numerous preparatory meetings and a week-long camp for the finalists. Our goal is to share our enthusiasm for mathematics with young people, to support them intellectually and for them to gain valuable professional and social experience together with their peers. You can read more about the Olympiad here.

IMO Selection 2024

The Swiss Mathematical Olympiad TST for 2024 is now complete! Congratulations to everyone who took the exam for their hard work and outstanding results. Our international teams for this summer are as follows:


IMO 2024 in Bath, England
59 Felix Xu
51 Hongjia Meng
49 Louis Renner
47 Eric Lüscher 
44 Jovian Soejono 
44 Mark Neumann

33 Leonhard Hasler
MEMO 2024 in Szeged, Hungary
41 Andrej Ševera 
36 Emil Spiess 
32 Evelyn Ebneter 
31 Francesc Oro 
23 David Reichmuth 
21 Svenja Felber 

Congratulations again to Felix for topping the IMO TST in his final year. With that, the Mathematical Olympiad for this year concludes! See you all in England and Hungary :)

Final Round 2024

The Final Round 2024 has now concluded! Thank you to everyone who participated and took part in both the lovely February training camp in picturesque Aarburg, and the Exam weekend in March.

A close-fought race saw two participants tie for the gold medals: congraulations to Felix Xu and Andrej Ševera for their excellent performances! The full list of awards are as follows.


GoldAndrej Ševera
Felix Xu

Mohamed Bouchouata
Mark Neumann
Jovian Soejono
Ivan Voevodskiy


BronzeLouis Renner
Marco Vaccaro
Leonhard Hasler 
Jerry Schupp
Hongjia Meng
Evelyn Ebneter
Emil Spiess
WildcardFrancesc Oro
David Reichmuth
Irina Tikhonovskaia
Eric Lüscher

These participants will take part in the IMO-Selection exam in May to determine the Swiss IMO and MEMO teams.

Additionally, the Final Round determined the following teams for these upcoming international competitions:

Balkan Math Olympiad: Felix Xu, Andrej Ševera, Mohamed Bouchouata, Mark Neumann, Jovian Soejono, Ivan Voevodskiy.
Olympiade Francophone de Mathématiques Senior: Felix Xu, Andrej Ševera, Mohamed Bouchouata, Mark Neumann, Jovian Soejono, Louis Renner.
Olympiade Francophone de Mathématiques Junior: Hongjia Meng, Emil Spiess, Eric Lüscher, Austin Zhang, Svenja Felber.

Congratulations again to everyone!


Second Round Results

On Saturday morning, the second round exam took place in Zurich, Lausanne and Lugano and the corrections are now complete. This year, the cutoff to be in the top 18 and directly qualified for the Final Round was 24 points. Bravo to Jerry Schupp for their perfect score of 42 points! The following people are qualified:

Elias BaumannMohamed BouchouataSvenja FelberEric LüscherHongjia MengMark Neumann
Francesc OroDavid ReichmuthLouis RennerJerry SchuppAndrej ŠeveraJovian Soejono
Emil SpiessJiahe ShiPranavendra TammireddyMarco VaccaroLinus VandeVondeleFelizian Vocke
Ivan VoevodskiyFelix XuAustin Zhang   

Seven other contestants also qualified as wildcards: Janik Kobler, Noelia Cheridito, Fynn Krebser, Juri Luternauer, Evelyn Ebneter, Leonhard Hasler and Irina Tikhonovskaia. 

First Round 2023 results!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first round of the Swiss Mathematical Olympiad 2024! Over 1500 participants from across the country took part and we hope you enjoyed thinking about the questions. 202 participants qualified directly, with a handful of additional wildcards being issued. The cutoffs were 145 points for the Senior Category and 220 points for the Junior Category.You should receive an email soon with your result. The second round will take place in December, but prior to that, there are three preparation meetings to learn new theory and exercises on the 28.10, 11.11 and 2.12. You will receive further emails about these if you qualified for the second round.Last but not least, a special mention to the two best participants: Felix Xu, with 437 points, in the Senior Category and Jan Richert, with 394 points, in the Junior Category. A hearty congratulations to them both!



IMO 2023


GOLD! After 17 years, Team Switzerland finally brought home a gold medal from IMO. Mathys Douma, from Lycée Cantonal de Porrentruy, had an outstanding performance to bring home the glory. Bora Olmez (International School Basel), Jonah Osterwalder (Gymnase de Renens), Felix Xu (Kantonsschule Wettingen) won bronze medals and Ivan Pouly (Gymnase de Renens) won an Honorable Mention, with Hongjia Meng (Kollegi Kantonalle Mittelschule Uri) completing the team. Kudos also to the Liechtenstein team (Tobias Marxer, Leonhard Hasler, both from Liechtensteines Gymnasium) for their two Honorable Mentions as well.


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